Solid Supply Chain
Beauty & Cosmetics
We have worked with many global suppliers in the beauty products for many years. In particular, we were one of the top leading beauty supplier of Tmall and Kaola in China. Our beauty products come from global suppliers from France, Japan, South Korea, and the United States.
Smart Electronics
We have worked with over thousands of suppliers including many top brands such as MI and Roborock. Most of the products that we deliver are directly from the select manufactures with higher volume of sales and reputation to ensure high quality and price competitiveness.
Home & Lifestyle
We have built top-quality ODM brands for over 5 years with and provided a mature production line successfully to South Korea, Japan, France, Germany, Spain, and the United States. We also work with Coupang directly in South Korea as one of their major supplier in the Home and Lifestyle category.
Our Advantage
Efficient Fulfillmen
Have over 60 warehouses and over 100 logistics partners to ensure a fast and efficiency delivery of your products globally.
Comprehensive Product Categories
Over several thousands of suppliers globally to cover just about everything for your needs. There has not been a single product category that we cannot identify and procure.
Seasoned Professional Team
Our team has been in the industry over 10 years with supplier chain and fulfillment expertise. We are based globally in the Europe, the USA, Japan, South Korea, and China.
Beauty & Cosmetics
Smart Electronics
Home & Lifestyle
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